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We are E-shaped.  An agency that specializes in (Interior) Styling and the organisation of business events, wedding deco, In-house visual styling, real estate styling, retail styling . We are a “Full Service” agency that relieves, pampers and cherishes our clients – and their target groups – from A to Z.

At E-shaped we are convinced that we can complete every assignment successfully, because we only work with E-shaped professionals. E-shaped is not just our agency name; it also stands for a quality concept that originates in the IT world.

In accordance with this concept, our E-shaped professionals have the powerful combination of the following four E’s to be eminent in their work: Experience, Expertise, Exploration and Execution. All these key success factors are guaranteed in our team and therefore reaffirms our conviction.

This conviction is further reinforced by the key success factor of our agency, also, known, by us, as the fifth E; which stands for Eglé – the first name of our owner and Company Founder. 

More about these four key success factors later, but for now we will first introduce our owner and Company Founder, also, known, by us, as the fifth E – which stands for her first name Eglé – and the real key success factor of our agency.



As Eglé rather designs her own designs she decided to set up her own label E-shaped Home in 2017.

Decorative pillows are versatile layering accessories that inspire both individuality and creativity. Whether you want to add a sense of artful sophistication, create an environment that is simple or elaborate, or complement a setting with color and texture, each is a wonderful accent piece. From classic to contemporary, subtle to bold, these elegant decorative bed pillows can instantly sweeten the mood of any room.

Many decorative pillows available from E-shaped are part of our larger classic or seasonal collections and feature fabrics and finishes that coordinate perfectly with other linens in the collections. An accent pillow is designed to stand out, however, and these beautiful pieces are a welcome addition to any bedding that offers a complementary color. Crafted with elegant soft cotton, warm, pure linen, and other high-quality raw materials, these pillows are a stand out wherever they are placed.

You might tend to shy away from the traditional design out of fear that it’s boring, predictable, stuffy—and it totally can be. But some of its facets are truly interesting, and since it incorporates a lot of antiques, the traditional design gives the opportunity to stumble upon some pretty cool pieces. But what exactly makes something “traditional,” and just how far back does traditional go? We’ll tell you everything you need to know, and maybe you’ll be convinced that traditionally doesn’t always equal staid.

A New Way of Thinking about sustainable HOMESTYLE and E-shaped tradition believes that the future lies in creating design pieces that are meant to



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You also can find us online B2B:

MOM.com (FR)

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A list of our designs FOR SALE



The four E-shaped KEY SUCCESS factors principles and what they mean for you as our customer




An E-shaped professional has gained practical experience in various business areas. Our highly trained team has years of experience in both the areas of (Interior) Styling and the organization of business events. We have therefore tried and tested practical experience in these two areas.


An E-shaped professional has an extensive knowledge of many business areas in terms of both (Interior) Styling and organizing business events. We not only know how to implement an unforgettable event, but also how we execute a successful (Interior) Styling assignment.

Exploration (= Curiosity)

An E-shaped professional constantly seeks to improve themselves and to acquire new skills within the various business areas. In addition to a high IQ and EQ, our team also has a particularly high CQ ability. We are very inquisitive, curious and consider ourselves as “Explorers”. This makes us open to develop and imagine innovative and creative ideas. We believe that in a time of constant change; a high CQ is sometimes more useful than a high IQ or EQ.


An E-shaped professional can actually produce the ideas that have been created. Our team not only conceives innovative and creative ideas; but we have proven that we are able to deliver these ideas. This E is often considered the most important E.  After all, “ideas are like noses – everyone has one”, but it is precisely the art of executing these ideas to fruition, which can be problematic; and we, at the E-shaped, are confident that we can do this.


If we have piqued your interest and have made you curious about what E-shaped can do for you, please feel free to contact us; because we will also be curious about you!

At E-shaped we like to make time for you.   We will be able to swiftly schedule a personal interview with you.  During this interview the “why” question will be discussed. This question is asked to ascertain not only your ideas, needs, and requirements; but also the reason why you want to organize the business event; or change your (Interior) Styling, which makes the whole process more personal and individual.  Once we are aware of  what your target group should feel, think, and know after the event;  or the atmosphere and/or image you wish to achieve with the new (Interior) Styling;  then you can rest assured that we will ensure a fabulous result  and make your vision come true.


 After all, we can do this best, because we are:

 E-shaped, the professionals who have the Experience, Expertise, and the ability to Explore and Execute great ideas’

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